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Chromium-free Surface Pretreatment For Aluminum –
State Of The Art

The GSB International has published at the end of 2011 a brochure on this topic. The background is, that end of 2010 the ECHA has added chromium (VI) oxide and other chromium (VI)-containing compounds to the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC list), since they are carcinogenic and mutagenic. This raises very closely the question of the future of the chromating as pretreatment of aluminum in the construction area. However, these problems are known since the 1990s in the affected industrial branches.

The GSB International has positioned itself more than 15 years ago of this challenge and has intensely dealt with the introduction and licensing of chrome free pre-treatment procedures.

In close cooperation with pre-treatment chemical manufacturers and coating companies, licensing procedures for alternative systems were developed and then accepted in the quality regulations.

For the first time the licensing of chrome free pretreatment procedures took place in 1994, so that the member's companies can certainly serve furthermore their markets with alternative procedures at a high high-class level.

The present documentation describes the development and the state of the technology of the surface pre-treatment procedures in the area of piece coating of aluminium in the architecture. It also contains an insight into other markets and processes, like the tape coating, which are occupied with comparable regulations.


This brochure can be obtained in both German and English versions from the head office at a cost of 13.00 € inclusive of VAT.




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