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Areas of Application:
GSB AL 631

These Quality Regulations (GSB AL 631) are applicable to the piecework coating of aluminium building components and its alloys used in structural engineering.

The piecework coating includes part-finished products, part-finished and finished piecework as well as prefabricated construction parts of uninstalled building components. Coil-coating and on the spot technical coating methods are excluded.

International Quality Regulations for the Coating of Aluminium Building Components

GSB AL 631
>> International Quality Regulations For The Coating of Building Components.pdf

Areas of Application:
GSB ST 663

These Quality Regulations apply to the industrial piecework coating of steel components.

Coatings applied manually on site are excluded.

Coating goverened by these quality regulations is applied to ungalvanized steel surfaces, strip alloy galvanized steel surfaces (DIN EN 10326, DIN EN 10327) and hot galvanized steel surfaces (DIN EN ISO 1461) and covers finished piecework as well as prepared structures. 

International Quality Regulations for the Piecework Coating of Steel and Galvanized Steel Building Components

GSB ST 663

>> International Quality Regulations For The Coating of Building Components.pdf

Areas of Application:
Industrial Quality Coating
Industrial Quality Coating International (IQC) is an autonomous Quality Association operating within the GSB International e.V.
The Quality Regulations IQC 654 applies to the industrial coating with powder lacquers of piecework made from Steel, galvanised Steel or Aluminum and its alloys piecework. Coated piecework destined for external architectural use are exempt.

International Quality Regulations for Industrial Piecework Coating

>> Quality Regulations IQC (english).pdf




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